Laughing Dragon Essence Cones The Rolls Royce of Ear Cones

The frequency of Love Rose oil retails for over $350.00/oz and is the most expensive essence and highest frequency on earth. It is the frequency of love Laughing Dragon cones are made from all natural,  unbleached cotton cloth and California beeswax.  We don’t use just any beeswax, only premium! Our Cones are made larger (10  inches in length, 3/4 inch in diameter at top) to give  you up to 2  times more usable cone than most other brands.  Prices to increased in August 2008 due to decrease in the bee population.
Stock up now while prices are lower. Perhaps you’ve heard of the sad story of bees. They are suffering from something called colony collapse syndrome. Roughly translated, scientists are investigating why a whopping 80% of bees are not returning to the hives. It seems the bees get confused and can’t find their way home. This problem will not only affect us as coners. It will define our future food supply (no fruits or vegetables). Here is a link to the story. www.vanishingbees.com

Ear coning dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Aztec, Mayan and American Indian cultures. Today ear coning is done by Cherokee, Mexican, European and Amish healers (German medical students are taught coning as a part of their medical practice). Many people consider ear coning as necessary a part of personal hygiene as is tooth brushing.