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Supplies You Will Need:

  1.  4 or more ear candles
  2.  Paper towels
  3. A bowl of water
  4.  A paper plate
  5.  A sharp knife
  6. 2 wooden BBQ skewers (included with our cones)
  7. Q-tips, cotton balls
  8. Ear oil or olive oil
  9.  A long necked lighter (you don’t want to burn your fingers)
  10. A plastic bag (to dispose of waste)

Coning Procedure:

1. Create a mood with pleasant music. (My favorites are Pavoroti and the Yearning. You'll find your own.) Besides the atmosphere music provides, the person being treated can often enjoy hearing enhancement as the process progresses.

2. Place a towel on the resting area to protect your furniture from wax drippings. Rest the person's head on a small pillow covered with a paper napkin or towel. Ask the person which ear they would like to have you candle first and have them lie on their side with that ear up.

3. Place a towel over their shoulder and clothing for protection from dripping wax. If by some chance, you do get droppings on a persons clothes, the cleaners does an excellent job of removing it.

4. Take a slow, deep breath to center yourself.

5. Take the paper plate and carefully cut an "x" 1 inch from the edge of the plate – with a sharp knife. Push the small tip of a new ear candle through the "x". Angle the candle so any wax drippings will fall on the plate. If you are concerned about setting the plate on fire, cover it with aluminum foil. Never use a foam plate. They are highly flammable.

6. Light the large end of the candle and insert the small end into the ear, angling the candle away from the person's face. Angling the candle protects the person from dripping wax, and prevents wax from running into the ear canal. We also twist the end of our cones to lessen this possibility.

7. Adjust the candle in the ear to seat it properly. (You may have the person assist you). If smoke is coming out of the ear, the candle has not been seated properly. Adjust until the smoke stops.

8. Allow the candle to burn 2 to 3 inches.

9. Remove the candle and turn it upside down over the water bowl. (The candle should extinguish itself when you turn it upside down). If the candle does not extinguish, simply continue the coning without cleaning out the cone, or put the cone out in water, trim with scissors and relight. The cone will crackle as the water burns. Use the skewer to push the debris out of the candle and into the water bowl. (NOTE: This can be smoky – watch out for smoke detectors). As soon as you relight the candle, the smoke will stop.

10. Relight the candle and continue burning until 4 to 6 inches of candle remains.

11. Douse the candle in the bowl when you are finished.

12. Repeat Steps 6 through 11 if you have removed large amounts of wax and powder, or if the ear still seems plugged.

13. Have the person turn over and repeat Steps 4 through 13 for the other ear.

14. Clean out the ears with a Q-tip dipped in oil or hydrogen peroxide 3%. This soothes the nerve endings. (NOTE: Do not go deeply. Clean only the part you can see).

15. If it is windy or cold, put some cotton in the person's ears for the first 3 hours to protect them. (When it's warm this isn't necessary).

16. Make sure you dispose of the debris and used cones in a sanitary way. The material can be infectious. Washing thoroughly after performing the service is a very wise action.


IMPORTANT: Although ear coning is a fairly simple process, we highly recommend that you take an ear coning class or buy the starter kit which includes a DVD. This DVD shows a coning show we
did in the 90’s to show people what the process looks like. The only change since that time is the placement of the x we put in the paper plate to place the cone through. Instead of putting the x in the center of the plate, we now place it at the edge of the plate to allow a larger surface for catching wax droppings.

The Coning Company offers monthly ear coning workshops, in which you will cone someone's ears and have your own ears coned. You may also arrange for private classes. You will also receive two pair of ear cones, a certificate of completion, and detailed ear coning instructions.
We will also travel to your city for a class of 6 or more.