Over a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with having Vertigo, as I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. During the course of the year, the symptoms were persistently getting worse to the point of my having feelings of passing out and seeing black dots in my vision. My doctor had an EKG done on me and that was normal. He sent me to an ENT doctor, who performed a CT scan, an ENG and hearing test on me, because he thought there may have been something more going on, like damage to the inner ear, a tumor, aneurism or spinal cord injury at the base of my skull due to a head/neck trauma I had experienced in a water skiing accident in the Fall of 2001 and Summer 2002. All tests came back 100% clear, but I was still having the symptoms.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law asked if I had ever heard of Ear Coning. I had not and immediately went online to research the topic. I came upon your website and thought that I would try a different approach than what the doctors were suggesting, and immediately made an appointment with you for Saturday, the 9th of December 2006.

I will say the experience was something of extraordinary. I immediately could taste the smoke deep in my throat and heat in my neck. There was an overall peaceful calming over my body. After the first half of the treatment, I sat up and I felt off-balance, but after performing the second half of the treatment, I experienced a clarity I have never before experienced in my entire life! I felt "high" and at peace and that feeling stayed with me the remainder of the day.

Sunday morning I woke having none of the symptoms I have been experiencing every day of my life for the past year and a half - dizziness, feeling of passing out, black dots in vision, nausea, being off balance, Vertigo - all are no longer there! I feel so "free" from that bondage and I thank and appreciate your help and wisdom so very much!

I look forward to finishing the process of completely cleaning out the Eustachian tube with you! God Bless you and all that you do in helping and teaching other people what you know!

I will be talking with you soon!

- Valerie Beechler

Hi Doctor,
It was nice to talk to you on phone and placing order for the candles.
My name is Usha Khosla
I am MD in westeren medicine with my speciality as OB/GYN back home in India
I was interested in holistic approach to health. With this idea I joined Ayurvedic College in California.
So write my degree as CAS, MD. (India)
Clinical ayurvedic specialist
I am practicing Ayurveda for over 10 years.
I have great experience with coning. I have treated patients with various ailments starting from simple headache to sinusititis, vertigo, ringing, parial deafness, confusion and so forth with very good results. This very simple but very effective ancient technique. Some of the patients see instant relief from their problem.

My web site is www.ayurvedahealingcenter.com
If you go to my web site you will get more details about me and my working.

With warm regards

- Usha

"Mom was a candler and I like your presentation. I may revive her talents.
Bless you for helping us live to our full potential."

- Seenyana Gibson, Fontana, CA

Hello Val,

Just wanted to give you a testimonial about the treatment you did for me. I had severe neck pain and had been to a chiriopractor 3 times and an osteopath 5 times. I also had a massage and took some pain medicine and my neck still hurt. I tried heat and ice and my neck still hurt.

I met a dentist who said my bite was off and made me an appliance to wear but my neck still hurt BAD for about 6 months. 

Then I met you and you told me to think about an issue I was having and remember the emotion involved and hold my breathe and release the emotion. My son and his wife were getting divorced and I was sad about it because she was like my daughter. (her mom lived in Florida.)I did that and I felt a little bit better but it still hurt. Then you told me to close my eyes and remember a time in my live as a child that would relate to my issue but I could not relate to the question. Then you said to think of a number, and I thought of # 4 came up, but I still could not remember anything that happened at age 4. 
However, the next day, it came to me that when I was 4 years old, my next door neighbor was a little girl who was 3 years old and we were best friends. Her mother had died and she was an only child. I played with her every day and took care of her. I gave her hugs and combed her hair and she was like my little girl. Then the dad was transfered to Alaska and we lived in Chicago and I never saw her again. When I remembered this, I felt the grief...held my breath and released the grief and all of a sudden, my neck did not hurt anymore! It was like a miracle!

Thank you so much!

- Joy L. Moeller, BS,RDH,COM Certified Orofacial Myologist

"To my surprise, I just received the order that I placed yesterday. I want to thank you for your prompt shipping! Your candles are great! Thanks again."

- Meredith Lawler

Dear Dr Kirkgaard,
Thank You for your tremendous help and shared knowledge and experience with Ear Coning.

I went through a thorough research and comparison process to find effective and reasonably priced ear cones to be able to use in my practice. I have to say that your Laughing Dragon Cones won the  examination!! Not only are they extremely effective but the 'high frequency' Rose infusion makes them a pleasure to work with. I am happy to be certified under your program and am spreading the good news about this Ancient but, Clinically Modern method of detoxifying and healing the body
Thanks So Much,  Spa Manager/Licensed Esthetician

- Carlena  Zanfardino

You have the greatest candles blessed on this earth, yes it is a miracle
I met you and I am so glad to have met you.

- Joyce Long From Huston, Texas

My first order of cones with the CD help me to perform ear cleaning of ten persons.
All members of my family were benefited.
I am grateful for your wonderful work in this planet earth.
My infinite gratitude to a Master of New Civilization!
A sincere "thank You' to let you know that I respect and appreciate you.

With the Blessings of the Ascended Masters,

- Constantino

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your DVD on ear coning. I actually had my husband sit down and watch it. He was totally intrigued by it. He has experienced hearing loss for years and actually should be wearing hearing aids which, for his own reasons he will not wear them. It actually makes it difficult for me constantly having to repeat and speak up. 

After watching your DVD he suggested that immediately we go and get some cones. This is a major credit to you. ( he is usually so orthodox in his thinking) . Let me tell you after experiencing ear coning he can now hear and smell and realizes all the wonderful little gift he was missing. Needless to say he is now your greatest fan. He tells me that it is nothing sort of a miracle. 

Since I have told my friend about learning to do ear coning, it now seems that I have another tool to ad to my tool box. (clients are coming out of the wood work.)

I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday.

- Dr. Rev. Tracy Lagasse'

For years I dreaded the autumn season, love the leaf changes, but every morning would wake up with allergies and my head feeling like a pregnant aspirin with sinus pressure. I am here to say, "miraculously" after one treatment, no morning headaches and I can hear better. I assume this is a seasonal cleaning sort of thing. It's truly amazing the "gunk" that comes out of the ear canal and the process is swift and sweet!!! What a difference in just "one" appointment!

- Carole Hemingway